Berylline Hybrid Golf Cart

  • 150 mile range on a single charge
  • Seamlessly change between pure EV and hybrid
  • Provide house hold backup power in case of emergency

Berylline Hybrid Golf Cart is a fully integrated PHEV that can travel up to 150 miles on single charge, and about 30 miles pure electric range.

When in pure electric mode, the Berylline golf cart is very quiet allowing the driver to enjoy a comfortable driving experience without disturbing the surroundings.  While operating in hybrid mode, an additional power supply to the Li-Ion battery allows the vehicle to travel 150 miles on a single charge.  The 2 operation mode can be switched by the driver at any time by simply pushing a button.

The Berylline system can be also used generator in case of power disruption.  It can provide 2500W of electric power, enough to power essential house hold appliances item such as refrigerator.

The dual-power setup also means peace of mind to the driver.  In case one system  becomes inoperable, the driver can simply switch to another driving mode so he can bring the vehicle to a safe place for service.

Berylline Hybrid Golf Cart Chassis Prototype

Berylline Hybrid Golf Cart Engine Test

Key Features and Specs

5 Operation Modes: Hybrid, Electric, Charge, Generator and Limp/Gas

Electric Mode: The vehicle will operate in pure electric, use it in quite neighborhood, on golf course, etc. The electric drive range is 30 miles on a single charge.

Hybrid Mode: The engine will automatically re-charge the battery on the go with super low noise of 65 dB(A)(at 6ft away) when battery State of Charge (SOC) drop to 80%.  This will extend the maximum range up to 150 miles on a single charge (6-7 hours continuous drive). Use it when travel for longer distance.

Charging Mode: Engine will charge the vehicle while it was parked and will stop when battery is fully charged.  The vehicle is not operable in this mode.

Generator Mode: Engine will run as a house generator to provide electricity to power the house appliances.  Vehicle is not operable in this mode.

Limp/Gas Mode: Generator will provide 2.5KW power to electric motor directly and the cart will operate at reduced performance.

(Berylline reserve the right to change product specification with out notice)

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