Berylline Investment Opportunity


AVAILABLE 05. 2021

AVAILABLE 2022 (Prototype shown)

AVAILABLE 2023 (Prototype shown)


♦ iTank Tour – 3 Wheel Electric Scooter Available Now

♦ Breeze – 3 Wheel Electric Scooter Available March 2021

♦ Hybrid Golf Cart, Available 2022

♦ Hybrid 3 Wheel Scooter, Available 2023

THE COMPANY: Berylline is a fast moving technology and manufacturing company specializing in the electric and small engine hybrid driving systems in personal transportation industry based in the Detroit area.

THE OPPORTUNITY: Offered through Netcapital, Berylline is offering up to 30% of the company’s common stock,  Based on the positive market research and Berylline’s aggressive production plan, this investment opportunity is expected to go fast.

Join the Berylline team and grow with us. See investment instruction on next page.


Investment requires bank information: Routing number and account number.

1. Go to Netcaptial website:

2.Click “Invest” on the upper right corner

3.Follow instructions to create your login ID and password.

4.Follow the prompt to complete invest process

5.If you need help, please click the “Need Help?” on the lower right corner.

That’s it!!!

For more information about Netcapital and Berylline website,

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