• Berylline has begun Breeze production in October 2021!
  • First Breeze was delivered to customer on October 16, 2021.

The Breeze Electric scooter has pleasant and stable riding characteristics.  The silent 3KW electric motor provides Breeze with a brisk motion while making sure that you can hear the birds singing in the morning or the gentle ocean wave in the evening as you cruise along. The performance specifications include a range of 60 miles with a single charge and with the top speed of 43 MPH. You will have a relaxing ride to your destination!

(Range may vary depending on vehicle load condition, road condition, weather and driving speed.)

Customer Testimonial

Email to our dealer from Beth in Minneapolis

HELP – I love my bike and Dave @ Black Beard in Detroit has been great – GOD I just want to cry. Actually, I did for hours last night. I hate to say this but I have to admit I am afraid of my bike and I REALLY need your help.

Let me explain – I broke my ankle so badly in 2017 they almost had to amputate my foot and I still have not fully healed from it. As a result, my balance has been very compromised, therapy has reached its limits to help me and I might not ever be fully back to normal.

With that said, I should have been more patient, I now truly believe the Berylline Breeze is the bike I should own. HOW DO I GET ONE???  I am even willing to look at your prototype’s. If that is at all possible.

PLEASE HELP ME – I just want to be able to go for a ride with my husband who loves his Black Doohan iTank Tour – I feel I have let myself down by not waiting, that I am missing all the fun we could be having because I am afraid of what I bought.  I want to fix that and I know you guys can help me.

Please call me at 612-XXX-XXXX so we can discuss how and or when I can come back to MI to get a Berylline Breeze. IN RED PRETTY PLEASE.


Product Specifications

Width 58 inch
Height 46 inch
Seat Height 29.5 inch
Curb Weight 290 LB
Maximum Load 300 LB
PERFORMANCE Top Speed / Mode 1 23 MPH
Top Speed / Mode 2 43 MPH
Range / Mode 1 (Approx) 60 Miles
Range / Mode 2 (Approx) 40 Miles
Combined Range (Approx) 50 Miles
Battery Type 60V LG Li-Ion Battery
Total Battery Capacity 3.12 KWh
Battery Weight (Each) 19.8 LB
Charge Time (5A from 20%) 4-6 Hours
Battery Operating Temperature -4F to 140F
Battery Charging Temperature 32F to113F
CHASSIS Frame Steel
Front Brake Dual 6.2 Inch Disc Brake
Rear Brake 7.4 in Disc Brake
Front Tire 90/90 -12
Rear Tire 120/70 – 12
WARRANTY Part Warranty 2 Year
Labor Warranty 2 Year
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