The Berylline Story

In 2009, Berylline was merely a concept on paper, but today it is an emerging young enterprise with plans to produce the first 3-wheel F2A Hybrid Scooter in Detroit, Michigan. Several entrepreneurs that had previously worked together in the automotive sector joined forces to design and build an all-new vehicle. With a 2-wheel in-front design and a low center of gravity, they believed this vehicle would provide for maximum stability, ease of handling, and extremely good fuel economy. Early marketing research in partnership with Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan, indicated that this highly efficient hybrid scooter could fit a niche segment for Baby Boomers retiring to warmer climates, college campuses, city commuters, and the coastal rental markets throughout the United States. Berylline received positive media feedback from Channel 7 News, John McElroy’s Autoline segment, ONTV, as well as Fox 2 news in Detroit.

  • 2008: Berylline engineers started hybrid scooter concept design
  • 2011: Berylline completed its first prototype and conducted numerous engineer tests on the design concept to improve the design.
  • March 2013: Independent Marketing Study completed by Oakland University complete, which further proved Berylline Hybrid PTV’s viability
  • January 2014: Final design and drawings completed
  • January 2015: Initial Public Debuted in Miami International Motorcycle Show with excellent feedback and response from attendees
  • September 2015: Accepted into OU INCubator – Oakland University’s Incubator program
  • February 2016: Michigan Business Accelerator Fund award to Beryline Corporation
  • 2017 Berylline has been awarded an additional $16,500 in Business Accelerator Funds (BAF) from the State
  • 2017 Working with Oakland University to optimize Berylline’s hybrid system design.
  • 2018 Berylline successfully raised over $200,000 dollars through Netcapital by offering their company’s equity stock
  • 2019 Berylline starts work on 2 new products: Hybrid Golf Cart and Electric 3 Wheel Scooter
  • 2020 Berylline completed the hybrid golf cart prototype, and finished 3-wheel electric scooter design. Berylline also worked with Doohan Technology and start to bring iTank Tour to the US market. We have delivered 4 iTank Tours to our customers and start to generate revenue!