News Blast: Referral Promotion


Tell Your Friend about Your Berylline Scooter and get additional $100 discount towards your purchase price!!!

Dear Berylline Customer,

Thank you for Pre-Order, or, being interested in our new and exclusive Berylline F2A Hybrid Scooter! We are very excited to welcome you to join our Exclusive 500 Club!

To compliment your Pre-Order, we’d like to offer you an additional $100 discount if you refer a family member or friend to Pre-Order one of our hybrid scooters! It is fine if you have not Pre-Ordered yet, you can still tell a family member or friend, and if one of them Pre-Order our hybrid scooter, we will send you a free Berylline T-shirt! And, of course, when you decide to Pre-Order, we will give you $100 credit in addition to our current promotional program towards to your final purchase price.

Our number one mission as a company is to provide as many people as possible with a fun, safe, economical and enjoyable means of transportation, whether commuting in local communities or exploring across the country. Your recommendation and positive word of mouth would be much appreciated and rewarded with this limited time referral price reduction.

Please contact me directly at if you have any interested future buyers who wants to join the Berylline Hybrid Scooter movement!

Best regards,
Mike Dresser,
National Marketing and Sales Manager
Berylline Corporation